Friday, June 9, 2017

June 9, 2017 Newsletter

Dear Parents,

We have had a busy first week of June!  It’s hard to believe there are only 10 days left!  We had a wonderful Field Day today.  The students enjoyed participating in all of the games and activities and were great sports!  They enjoyed watermelon and popsicles provided by the PTO and especially enjoyed dunking Mrs. Duncan in the dunk tank!  Thank you so much to the many parents who helped make today such a huge success!

The students worked more on our 3D map of Boston.  They have been adding buildings and street signs and even swan boats, play structures, street lamps, a merry-go-round, and the gold dome on the State House!  They enjoy being creative and are doing a great job!  We will continue adding to it next week and I will be sure to post pictures of the completed map!  Hopefully it’ll help them understand more about our field trip to Boston next week.

On Wednesday, we will be going on our Swan Boats field trip.  We will be dropped off near the State House, walk to Louisburg Square, walk down Charles Street and enter the Public Garden where we will visit the ducks, ride on a Swan Boat, and enjoy a picnic lunch.  It should be a fun day!  More details will go home on Tuesday, but in case you are grocery shopping this weekend, students will need a completely disposable bagged lunch and drink.

We have been working with more subtraction in math.  We were making up stories with subtraction sentences.  I told a story about making and eating cookies with Mr. Duncan and had them figure out how many cookies we each ate.  They loved the challenge and were so excited that I told them their homework for this weekend was to make cookies, eat some, and then come up with a subtraction number sentence to go with it!

We also did “I like” Surveys in math this week.  The students enjoyed asking each other what things they liked and recorded it on their survey papers.  We did quite a bit of math with them too!

A lot of the students’ artwork will start coming home next week, especially after our Cleaning Day on Thursday.  I saved the students’ self portraits from the beginning of the year and had them draw new self portraits more recently.  I think a lot of you will be amazed at your child’s progress!

We will walk to Simonds Park on Tuesday, June 20th.  We will be leaving the school around 9:30am.  Everyone is welcome to meet us at the park.  Remember that the children will be dismissed from the park (the buses will pick them up there), and those in the After School Program will be dropped off at the school by one of the buses.  More information about the trip will go home the day before we go.  Pizza will be provided for students.

We will have our Cleaning Day on Thursday, June 15th.  If you are scheduled to help out, we would love to have you from 9:30-10:20am.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Melanie Duncan

PS...The Used Book Store in the cafeteria will be open on Wednesday for the final time this year.  If your child would like to participate, he/she can bring either 50 cents or a book to trade.  It is optional.

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