Friday, June 2, 2017

June 2, 2017 Newsletter

Dear Parents,

The students did a lot of writing this week.  They started new narrative pieces and did more journal writing too.  They even started writing about several of the special things we have done this year in Kindergarten.

They also started a 3D map of the area in Boston we will visit next week on our field trip.  They painted the area that includes Beacon Hill and the Public Garden and made buildings that can be found in Boston.  They have also started making trees, stop signs, playgrounds, and other things we will see in the Public Garden area...even the statues of all the ducklings!  I want to say a special thank you to all the parents who have helped with this project so far!  I will be sure to post pictures of the completed map when it is finished.

We will be going to Boston on Tuesday to walk around the Public Garden and ride on the Swan Boats.  It should be a fun day.  Students definitely need to wear sneakers and bring a bagged lunch and disposable water bottle.  Chaperones should plan to arrive by 8:30am and will be riding on the bus with us.  More information about the trip will go home on Monday.  If the weather doesn’t look good, we will let you know what plans will be regarding rescheduling as soon as we know, hopefully by Monday afternoon.

Field Day is on Friday, June 3rd.  Students will be participating in outdoor activities.  Sneakers and sunscreen are also necessary for that day as well.

We will be walking to Simonds Park on Tuesday, June 20th.  We will be leaving school around 9:30am (weather permitting) to walk to the park.  Crossing guards will be with us along the way to safely cross us at strategic points.  Parents are welcome to join us at the park.  We would like a few parents to walk up with us (just let us know).  The children will be dismissed from the park.  Children who attend the After School Program will take a bus back to school.  If you plan on taking your child home from the park, it is very important that you tell us you are taking your child.  We will be sending more info home later regarding lunches and other details.  Pizza will be provided for students.  NO BACKPACKS are needed that day.  Students should wear sneakers and sunscreen.  Students will NOT be going in the pool.

We will be working on a special science engineering project in a couple of weeks with Mr. Musselman from the Science Center.  We will need empty toilet paper tubes.  If you have some, please send them in anytime next week or the week after.  Thanks!

Mr. Musselman will also be coming in next week to do a special experiment with melting ice.  In preparation for his visit, we read a book called “Making Juice Pops.”  I told students that I would like them to try making juice pops at home this weekend, if possible.  Here are the steps:
1.  Place small paper cups on a tray and feel them with juice.
2.  Put the cups of juice in the freezer for one hour.
3.  Place a craft/popsicle stick (or plastic spoon) in the center of each cup and put them back in the freezer.
4.  Freeze for five hours and then remove from the freezer.  Hold the stick and twist the cup off the solid juice pop.
5.  Enjoy the juice pop!  See what happens if the juice pop sits out of the freezer for a while!

Have a great weekend!  Don’t forget to go on a listening walk too!

Melanie Duncan

Dates to remember:   June 6 - Swan Boats in Boston
                                 June 7 - Library (Please return book)
                                 June 9 - Field Day
                                 June 14 - Final Used Bookstore - Bring $0.50 or a book to trade
                                 June 15 - Cleaning Day (9:30-10:20am)
                              June 20 - Walk to Simonds Park
                                 June 21 - Last Library Day
                              June 23 - Last Day of School (half day dismissal)

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